Vermont Online Library

Solving a health issue? Researching for a project? Found a tidbit that just has you baffled? The Vermont Online Library (VOL) gives you 24/7 access to thousands of information sources, produced by known and trusted publishers. The databases include hundreds of general interest magazines and newspapers and are updated daily.

Searching Online
To use the Vermont Online Library via the internet:
  1. Open the Vermont Online Library
  2. Enter the 14-character barcode from the back of your Burnham library card (starts with PVSN or 2VSN...)
    • Use ALL CAPS when entering barcode
    • If your barcode ends with a symbol or letter (such as %, *, &, #, etc.), substitute a number for this last character
    • If your barcode only has 13 characters, add any number to make it a full 14 characters. For example:
      • Instead of PVSN500015801% ... (Ends in symbol)... Use PVSN5000158015
      • Instead of PVSN500014273_ ... (13 characters)... Use PVSN5000142735
    • Start searching!