Town Manager's Office

Colchester's Town Manager Form of Government

Colchester residents elect five members of a Selectboard that represent the legislative and judicial branches of the municipal government. The Selectboard appoints the Town Manager who heads the third, executive/administrative branch


It is the mission of the Town to provide the highest quality municipal services possible to Colchester residents in a cost-effective manner. We take pride in being responsive, helpful, and compassionate in serving our community. Our objective is to listen to our citizens and to facilitate the implementation of their vision for the community. Please feel free to contact us by email, telephone, or by visiting any of us at Town Hall.

Colchester Town Newsletter - Be Informed

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Solar Update:

  Construction at Colchester's first two municipally owned solar projects is complete!  Click below for a presentation that explains the progress and benefits of the Pumpkin Patch solar project.  The second project is located on Route 2/7, and is known as the Roosevelt Highway site.  Both are 150kW arrays that produce roughly 70% of the municipal operations' electrical consumption.  Planning for a third site is currently underway.
Pumpkin Patch Solar October 2018

​Town Achievements and Goals for 2019-2020

Here is a rundown of what's been accomplished over the past fiscal year and what's planned for the future.