Ballot Items

There are several articles to be voted on by ballot this year:
  • Town general fund operating budget
  • Town Charter Changes

Town Budget

We are proposing a 1.4% budget increase to maintain our same level of services. Additionally, another 1% increase will assist with meeting with the needs of increased service demands caused by an 18% growth in housing units since 2000.  The increases provide for: additional support of our volunteer fire departments, an additional public works employee to help maintain 147 miles of roads and sidewalks which have grown 10% in the last five years, another four hours a week in adult library programming, additional police community service officer hours, police programs and technology; and funding for transportation of seniors and persons with disabilities.
These proposed additions result in a 2.4% operating budget increase.

After considering non-property tax revenues and capital expenses, the budget increase that the property taxes fund will be 1.77%.  Combined with growth in property values, the municipal tax is estimated to increase by 0.62%.  You can find more information here.

Town Charter Changes

Our Town Charter is, along with State Statutes, the Town’s Constitution.  We are fortunate to have a volunteer “Governance Committee” to review the Charter for changes necessary to keep up with State legislative changes, new media, best practices, and to keep the charter consistent with voter approved ballot items.  

This year, changes are being proposed in the areas of: elected officer to remove an outdated position, online publishing of policies and minutes, the Town Manager, budget, ethics and conflict of interest, and ongoing charter review.