Committee Task
To research, support and advocate actions that advance the governance goals defined by the community-led Heritage Project.:
  • To examine structural, operational and regional options to optimize the accountability, transparency, effectiveness and cost of Colchester's government and public services
  • To propose and promote actions which foster communications, citizen's trust, active participation, and cooperation in an efficient and effective form of government that addresses needs and as they pertain to the economic, vitality, social and environmental responsibility, and prosperity
The committee’s work shall engage the public, town officials/employees and local/regional experts in collaborative dialogue on topics including:
  • A comprehensive review of the Colchester Town Charter
  • Consideration of alternate forms of municipal governance
  • Examination of potential municipal and regional consolidations
  • And exploration of other governance issues.
The committee will provide the public and the select board with researched recommendations for:
  • Essential updates to the charter
  • Draft charter changes that support any consolidation of services or form of government changes
  • Improving citizen participation and investment in municipal governance.