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Colchester Historical Society Photography Program Nov 16
Joyce Sweeney


  • Joyce Sweeney, long time member of the Colchester Historical Society, died October 17, 2016.  As a lifelong resident of our town her intimate knowledge of all things Colchester was invaluable to any one who needed historical information. Her gracious presence and laugh and smile will be sorely missed.

More Announcements

  • Our One Room Log Schoolhouse Museum located at Airport Park is now closed for the fall season. You can always see more about it under the Log Schoolhouse Restoration link.
  • The activity calendar for 2016-2017 is now available. Check it out by clicking on the link at the left. We hope to see you at some of the future events.
  • Don't forget to browse our Vintage Photos section. If you have some photos that you would like to add, contact Bob Furst by email or phone: 802-658-3706.
  • If you are a member or want to join the society, now is the time to pay your dues! They are only $5.00 a year. To become a member print the form from the link on the left. Fill out the form and bring it to a meeting or send it to the address shown.
  • On April 13th the Society was presented a $5000 grant from the state for repairs to the parsonage.  If you have been by the house you will notice that it has been recently repainted.

Past Meeting Topics

  • Our first program for the fall 2016 is was a "conversation with several residents of the Champlain area of Colchester."  Guests from the Champlain section of the town. Lee and Jack Mapletof, Sue Atwood and Jackie Zeno spoke about what it was like living in the remote part of Colchester off Clay Point Road down to the river.  They described a life so separated from the rest of the town - the apple orchards, private camps, and children's summer camps that they remembered.

  • Coralee Magoon, a member of the Colchester Cemetery Commission told us all about the six town cemeteries and three private ones at the May 2016 meeting. She showed photos of some of the interesting grave stones and told us about some of the families and veterans buried there.

  • In April 2016, Curt Taylor presented a fascinating look back in When the Boys Came Home - 1945-1947 . Near the end of WWII there were 10.3 million men serving the US Army and Navy combined (about 1.3 million living today). In 1945, when the war ended, 5 million men were released from service; another 5 million were released in 1946. A country that had been totally consumed by the war effort had to adjust to peace. What did that mean to the daily lives of those that had served?  Using letters written at the time by Curt’s mother, he discussed the details of a young couple starting a family and a life together in post-WWII America.

  • At our March 2016 meeting a committee from the Milton Historical Society described the importance of the General Stannard House and their effort to restore it as a Civil War museum.

  • Jerry Allyn presented the history of Hazelett Corporation, a long time manufacturing business in Colchester at the Feb 2016 meeting. This was recorded and a DVD of the presentation is available in case you missed it.