Previous Historical Society Meetings

April 2016  
Curt Taylor presented a fascinating look back in When the Boys Came Home - 1945-1947 . Near the end of WWII there were 10.3 million men serving the US Army and Navy combined (about 1.3 million living today). In 1945, when the war ended, 5 million men were released from service; another 5 million were released in 1946. A country that had been totally consumed by the war effort had to adjust to peace. What did that mean to the daily lives of those that had served?  Using letters written at the time by Curt’s mother, he discussed the details of a young couple starting a family and a life together in post-WWII America.  

November 2014

Jerry Fox told us all about "Suzie Wilson, Her life and Her Myth" at the November 2014 meeting. If you didn't attend, you didn't find out why she has a road named after her.

October 13 2014
On October 13, we took a field trip to Hildene, the home of Abraham Lincoln's son Robert Todd Lincoln.

September 2014

At the September meeting Professor John Crock from UVM presented a fascinating look into the distant past of Colchester and the Lake Champlain basin in his presentation of the "Archeology of Colchester's Ancient Native American Past". Tools and artifacts from native Americans living in the area from 10,000 to 12,000 years ago were also on display.
April 2014
At the April 14 meeting Inge Schaefer presented "Writing Colchester History." Inge discussed her experiences in writing her books on Colchester. One of her books is listed in the Historical Literature section. 

May 2014

In May the Historical Society visited the Ethan Allen Museum for a tour of Ethan's house and a presentation about his life and the museum.