1. Clean Water Initiative

    Learn about the initiative, which includes plans, regulations, programs, and capital projects, and is designed to improve and protect the community's water resources.

  2. Code of Ordinances

    Read the Town of Colchester Code of Ordinances.

  3. Dept. Video Showcase

    Watch an LCATV-produced video that describes who the Public Works Department is, and what they do.

  4. Project Bid Information

  5. Permits

    Curb Cut, Erosion Control, Excavation, Excess Weight, Storm Water, and Wastewater permits.

  6. Specifications & Standards

    These Specifications are applicable to all new construction and reconstruction of infrastructure due to obsolescence or deterioration.

  7. Winter Information

    Find a variety of information related to winter, including availability of sand, the winter parking ban, ice and snow in public spaces, and frequently asked questions.