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Ongoing Programs

Music for Preschoolers

Join Raphael for a wonderful half hour of music. Just drop by!

Drop-In Storytimes

Every Tuesday at 10:30am. Music and stories followed by a snack.

Every Saturday at 10am. Stories and songs with a staff member.

Preschool Storytimes

Monday at 10:30am from June 17th - Aug 5th. Music and stories followed by a craft or activity.

Baby Storytimes

Most Fridays at 10:30am. Rhymes, songs, stories, scarves, and BUBBLES!

Weekly Booktivities

Certain Wednesdays from 3-4pm we offer a hands on activity for children ages 5 & up.

Jun 19th 3:00pm Roving on the Moon!

We challenge you to design and build a rubber band-powered rover that can scramble across the floor. Sign up HERE.

Jun 26th 3:00pm Soft Landing

Use balloons and other readily available materials to design and build a case that can protect an egg when it is dropped from a height of 3 feet. Sign up HERE.

Jul 10th 3:00pm Model of the Planets

Learn about the planets and then create your own out of clay and Styrofoam. Sign up HERE.

Jul 24th Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Create a psychedelic t-shirt of your own design. Please remember to wear old clothes as they may acquire new colors. All materials provided. Sign up for 2pm slot. Sign up for 3pm slot.

Jul 31st 3:00pm Galaxy Stones

Create a galaxy full of stars, planets, and other astronomical delights on the surface of a rock.Sign up HERE.

Aug 7th 3:00pm Shrinky Dink Constellations

Design and shrink a replica of your favorite constellation or planet.Sign up HERE.

Aug 14th 3:00pm Rocket Ships

Using recycled materials, build your own rocket ship. We will then launch Alka-Selzer rockets on the library lawn. Sign up HERE.

Young Writers & Storytellers

Join our writing club for children from K to 5th grade. Let's create stories!

June 12th 4pmJul 10th 4:30pmAug 14th 4:30pm

Read to Willy Wonka the Therapy Dog

Read or tell a story to Willy Wonka, the Chocolate Lab. Please call ahead to reserve your spot.

Jun 5th 4:15pmJul 17th 4:15pmAug 14th 4:15pm
Jun 19th 4:15pmJul 31st 4:15pmAug 28th 4:15pm

Escape Rooms for Kids (ages 5 & up)

Can you break out of our cosmic escape rooms?

Galactic Space Race

Jul 2nd 2:00pmJul 2nd 4:00pm

Lost in Space

Jul 25th 11:00amJul 25th 2:00pm

So You Want To Be An Astronaut?

Aug 8th 11:00amAug 8th 2:00pm

LCATV Child Producers Workshops

Children ages 7-11 use equipment to make their own television program, complete a library-themed project and produce a take-home DVD at each session.

Jun 24th 2:00pmJul 11th 2:00pmAug 13th 2:00pm

Monthly Dorothy's List Book Discussions

Every month we get together to discuss one of the titles on the 2019=2020 list. Come get your copy and let us know what you think. Refreshments will be served!

Jun 4th 4:00pm The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl by Stacy McAnulty

Jul 9th 4:00pm The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle by Christina Uss

Aug 6th 4:00pm Deep Water by Watt Key

First Time Kindergartners

Mondays at 10:30am August 12th, 19th, & 26th.

Meet other children (and their guardians) who are heading to kindergarten in the fall. Stories, activities and a chance to share your thoughts. Everybody leaves with a free book! Come to one session or all three.


Jun 18th 1:30pm Ed Popielarczyk

Kick off your summer with a funny magic show! Mr. Popielarczyk has been entertaining children and family audiences for over 35 years. His magic is a comedy show that uses a lot of audience participation. Sign up here.

Jun 21st 2:00pm The Southern Vermont Natural History Museum presents "Wildlife Tales"

This program uses stories from around the world to introduce audiences to our education animals, melting culture and science in an engaging and interactive format. For all ages. Sign up here.

Jun 25th 4:00pm Backpack Theater Presents: The Elves and the Shoemaker and Little Red Riding Hood

In the retelling of 2 classic tales, the children and their families will be involved in the stories, games, and projects that promote a true literacy experience. This is a program that is fun and taps into the imagination of children of all ages. Sign up here.


Jul 8th 3:00pm Family Karaoke

Sing and dance with the whole family and our karaoke machine! Sign up here.

Jul 9th 2:00pm Modern Times Theatre presents "The Perils of Mr. Punch, Episode #211: 'The Astro-Nut'"

"The Perils of Mr. Punch" follows the troubles and travails of puppetry's favorite loudmouths, Punch and Judy. In the latest episode, Mr. Punch attempts to be the first puppet to go to space. Sign up here.

Jul 16th 4:00pm Crankie Shows with Augusta "Rose" Diamond

Crankies are originally and artfully illustrated songs or stories on long rolls of paper or cloth and displayed in motion on a box with crank handles. Song/stories include: "Chip the Glasses" from The Hobbit by Tolkien, "The Leatherwing Bat" an American folk song, "The Tale of Tam Linn" a Scottish Fairy Story, and "Old Texas" an American Cowboy song. Fun for the whole family! Sign up here.

Jul 17th 2:00pm & 3:00pm VINS StarLab Planetarium

Take a tour with the night sky with a lesson in VINS' new StarLab Planetarium. A StarLab is a portable planetarium- composed of a light-tight inflatable do me and a projector that project sonto the dome interior. Space inside is reserved for children only. Ages 7-12. Sign up here fro 2pm. Sign up here for 3pm.

Jul 23rd 4:00pm Summer Encore Theatre Presents "The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars"

The play  will be based on the Navajo myth of the origin of the sun, moon, and stars. Once again the play will include student written music. This year there is a workshop in creative dramatics related to the play and prepares the children for their parts. Sign up here.

Jul 26th 4:00pm Stuffies' Night Out

Let your stuffie have the night of its life! We have games, dress-up, movies and fabulous teen babysitters. Stuffies will be well cared for during their library adventure. Pickup stuffies Saturday morning with their report card and photos! Sign up here.

Jul 29th 3:00pm The Vermont Astronomical Society presents "A Closer Look at the Sun"

The sun is our nearest star and the major source of energy for life on Earth. This presentation will examine the sun's origin, reactions producing energy and the expected life cycle. We will see examples of the sun's changing surface from both photographs and through a special solar telescope. Sign up here.


Aug 1st & Aug 2nd 2:00pm Papier Mache Workshop

Participants must be present both days. Have you seen the awesome art pieces in the newly renovated basement of the Meeting House? Now's your chance to add to the installation! Join artist Mike Turner as he facilitates this hands on workshop. For ages 6 & up. Sign up here.

Aug 5th 3:00pm Exordium Presents The Story of Air As It Occupies Space

A cornucopia of science experiments demonstration that air, though invisible, does occupy space. For young and old, with audience participation guaranteed to bring the wonder of science to all attendees. Sign up here.

Aug 9th 2:00pm VINS presents a Live Animal Program: Animals in Myth and Legend

How did Snake lose her legs? Why does Owl only fly at night? How did Turtle fly south for the winter? Meet these animals and hear their stories while we learn about the adaptation they have that help them survive. We'll explore a few different tales that people tell to help them understand the world of wildlife around them. Sign up here.

Aug 12th 3:00pm Big Insane Games

The Big Blue Trunk is all about physical activity and creative play. Trebuchet, wacky ring toss, Cannon Ball Square Pants, and an outrageously fun obstacle course. Fun for the whole family on the library lawn! Sign up here.