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Kids Break Out

Escape room games for children ages 5 & up.

Jul 10th Rhythm Rocks

Listen to the rhythm and use your ears to break out of our musical-themed escape room!

Aug 10th Mr. Lemoncello's Library

Can you break out of our diabolical escape room?!

Weekly Booktivities

Jun 20th 3:00pm Join the Band!

Using recycled materials, make your own instruments and perform for the group! Sign up here.

Jun 27th 3:00pm Pet Rocks

Ever wish you could have your own pet? Well, now's your chance! Make one or a whole band of rocky little friends. Sign up here.

Jul 18th 3:00pm Tie-dye T-shirts!

This annual event offers 2 sessions 2pm & 3pm. We provide all supplies; just bring your ideas!

Jul 25th 3:00pm Shadow Play

Exploring light and shadow, you can write, design puppets and/or perform in a Shadow Theater presentation. Sign up here.

Aug 1st 3:00pm Broken Telephone

What did you say? Make an old-fashioned communication device and play the classic game of miscommunication. Sign up here.

Aug 8th 3:00pm Musical Treasure Hunt

Follow the clues with your team and be the first to complete this musical race. Sign up here.

LCATV Child Producers Workshops

Children ages 7-11 use equipment to make their own television program, complete a library-themed project and produce a take-home DVD at each session. Attend 1 or all 3!

Jun 26th 2:00pmJul 31st 2:00pmAug 17th 2:00pm

Building with Lego

Lego Club meets every Thursday at 4:00pm


Tuesdays 10:30am Drop-in Storytime

Music and stories followed by a snack.

Saturdays 10:00am

Drop-in stories for families.

Jun 25 - Aug 6 Mondays 10:30am Preschool Storytime

This summer's storytimes will have musical themes with lots of opportunities for singing and dancing.

Read to Willy Wonka the Therapy Dog

Read or tell a story to our therapy dog, Willy Wonka. For readers and pre-readers alike. Please call to reserve your spot.

Jun 12th 4:15pm
Jun 19th 4:15pm
Jul 17th 4:15pm
Jul 31st 4:15pm
Aug 7th 4:15pm
Aug 14th 4:15pm

Young Writers & Storytellers

Join our writing club for children from kindergarten to 5th grade. Let's create stories!

Jun 13th 4:00pmJul 11th 3:00pmJul 25th 4:30pm
Aug 8th 4:30pmAug 22nd 4:30pm

Dorothy's List Book Discussion

Every month we get together to discuss one of the titles on the 2018-2019 list. Come by to get your copy!

Jul 10th 4:00pm - The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora by Pablo Cartaya

Aug 7th 4:00pm - The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris


Jun 21st 2:00pm Everybody Play a Drum!

Published author, master drummer, Saragail Benjamin, will bring drums for everyone to play. She'll teach us to play together, then we'll drum a story! Dance it! Sing it! Rock it to the moon! Creative, innovation fun for all ages! Sign up here.

Jun 25th 2:30pm Hula Hooping & Juggling with Michelle

Using a variety of hula hoops and juggling balls, bean bags and some juggling pins, participants learn hooping and juggling. For ages 3 & up. Sign up here.

Jun 29th 4:00pm Backpack Theatre Presents: The Princess and the Pea & Country Mouse, City Mouse

Enjoy the retelling of 2 classic tales with this talented crew of young performers.Sign up here.


Jul 6th 2:00pm Embodied Theatre with Michelle

Participants learn the art of listening to self and others by playing theatre games, sound games, and through movement activities. Best suited for ages 7 & up. Sign up here.

Jul 9th 4:00pm KPop Party for Kids

Discover and explore the fabulous world of Korean Pop stars! We've got stations run by amazing KPop enthusiasts to help transform you into the perfect KPop Star! Stations include singing, dancing, and more! Sign up here.

Jul 11th 4:30pm Hoopoe Show

Chris Hoopoe returns to blend silent pantomime comedy, movement illusions, sleight of hand magic tricks and balloon wizardry to create an original vaudeville show that is funny, imaginative and full of surprises. The audience is involved throughout. For all ages. Sign up here.

Jul 19th 5:00pm Summer Encore Theatre Presents: In Search of a Song

Summer Encore Theatre's young talent will develop and perform a story that blends perfectly with this summer's musical theme. Sign up here.

Jul 23rd 3:00pm Exordium Presents "Rocking it with Panpipes"

Make your own 3 tone panpipe from invasive Japanese Knotweed and learn how to tie the knots that will hold the tubes together. Participants will have a decorated instrument to take home that will produce notes and look like the native Inca instruments. Sign up here.

Jul 24th 3:00pm Nathan and Henry Wu - Classical Music Encounters

These 2 young musicians are visiting local libraries this summer with the goal of introducing new audiences to classical music through performance and commentary. Henry has been playing piano for 10 years and the cello for 6 years, and Nathan has been playing the violin for 6 years. They are both members of the Vermont Youth Orchestra and participate in many other local music initiatives. Sign up here.

Jul 26th 11:00am Community Music Circle with Rob Zollman

Everyone is encouraged to participate in a circle of music making. Songs are diverse in tonality, rhythm and subject matter and come from all over the world. Sign up here.

Jul 27th 5:00pm Stuffies' Night Out

Let your stuffie have the night of its life! We have games, dress-up, movies and fabulous teen babysitters. Stuffies will be well cared for during their library adventure. Stuffie pick up Saturday morning with report card and pictures. Sign up here.

Jul 30th 3:00pm Karaoke

Kids & families rock out with our new karaoke machine! We have Disney favorites, pop songs, and some oldies on deck so you can belt out all your favorites. Sign up here.


Aug 2nd 11:00am Vermont Lake Monsters

Players from the Vermont Lake Monsters will read great stories and sign your memorabilia. For all ages. Sign up here.

Aug 3rd 2:00pm VINS presents Screech and Hoot: The Science of Bird Communications

Why do owls hoot? What are those hawks talking about? How do scientists find out what birds are saying? Meet some of these talkative hawks, falcons, and owl up close! We'll practice identifying raptors by their calls, learn what these vocalizations might mean, and how they are made. You've never heard bird song like this! Sign up here.

Aug 6th 2:00pm Big Insane Games

The Big Blue Trunk is back for insane games and activities on the library's lawn. Trebuchet, wacky ring toss, Cannon Ball Square Pants, and an outrageously fun obstacle course. Sign up here.

Aug 9th 2:00pm Dennis Waring's "Music Rocks the World"

A join in journey to 6 different world cultures using indigenous instruments and music. Audience participation is encouraged. Sign up here.

Aug 11th 1:00pm Ila Sewall : Cheer Team!

Chant! Dance! Get strong! Participants will learn a dance and work on poise, arm motions, jumps, chants, cheers, and some mat skills. We'll play games that help with body awareness and work on strength and flexibility! Sign up here.

Aug 13th, Aug 20th, & Aug 27th 10:30am First Time Kindergarteners

Meet other children (and their parents!) who are heading to kindergarten in the fall. Stories, activities, and a chance to share your thoughts. Everybody leaves with a free book! Come to one session or to all three.

Aug 16th 10:00am Ila Sewall : Superhero Training -- Circus Style!

In this exciting non-competitive workshop each Junior Hero will develop their special pose and hone the superhero skills needed to save the circus! We'll even learn proper Kryptonite removal and poison bubble neutralization! Sign up here.

Aug 20th 3:00pm The Southern Vermont Natural History Museum : Birds of Prey Know They're Cool

What birds have been rocking since the days of dinosaurs? Raptors of course! We'll meet some of the coolest birds of prey around and learn about the adaptation that have impressed humans for thousands of years. Ages 5 & up. Sign up here.