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Community Center Needs Assessment & Master Plan AND Bayside Park Master Plan

UPDATE: GreenPlay has completed their final report on the Master Plans.  
Read the full text here:
Colchester, VT Final Report

 The Town of Colchester is conducting a Needs Assessment & Master Plan for a Community "Health & Wellness" Center, as well as developing a Master Plan for Bayside Park, and has hired GreenPlay, LLC to oversee the process.  The Needs Assessment & Master Plan for a Community Center will help to determine: the need for a Health & Wellness Center, the design of the facility, the planned programs, phasing, timing, funding, and other details for this project.  The Bayside Park Master Plan will look at the existing recreational facilities, programs, and services, conduct a comprehensive community input process, and determine the current and future level of service for the community.  The plan will prioritize the needs and desires for upgrading and improving facilities and services.

Together, the plans will determine the priorities of recreational facilities and activities desired by our residents, investigate what funding sources may be available, identify potential partnerships, and examine how best to support the needs of the community.

On March 29, 30, and 31, consultants from GreenPlay, LLC met with residents, business owners, special interest groups, Parks & Recreation staff, and other interested parties in a series of focus groups and during a Public Forum.  A PowerPoint was compiled of their findings, which can be explored below.  To follow-up on the many areas of feedback received, GreenPlay, LLC conducted a professional survey with Colchester residents, the results of which will be used throughout their entire process of compiling the Master Plans.  Survey findings will be posted here when available.

Click here to read the complete Scope of Work and proposed timeline for this project.

If you have any questions regarding the Bayside Park Master Plan or the Needs Assessment & Master Plan for a Community Center, please contact Parks & Recreation Director Glen Cuttitta by email or at (802) 264-5641.

GreenPlay makes final presentation at Select Board meeting on 9/27/16