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Aug 25

Adventure Day 1 - It's a Boar! (Aug. 12)

Posted to Library - Kids' D&D Group Blog by Josh Muse

Morlo the Tiefling Sorcerer and Midnight the Dradonborn Rogue face gnomes, boars, and worse!

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Nov 08

11 Ways You can Give Back to Veterans

Posted to The Town of Colchester by Monique Lavallee

In Honor of Veterans Day 
Here is a list of 11 Ways You can Give Back to Veterans

  1. Connect with veterans in your community
  2. Serve alongside veterans
  3. Volunteer at a hospital
  4. Organize your own service project
  5. Hire Veterans
  6. Volunteer to fix/build homes for Veterans
  7. Create and Send a care Package
  8. Help Veterans Visit Memorial Sites
  9. Drive a veteran to places
  10. Donate Clothes, money, cars, or your time.
  11. Send a message of thanks

Useful Websites:
For Veterans:

For Veterans and Volunteers/Donators: