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Photo Submission Form

  1. Send us your photos!

    The Town of Colchester is seeking new photos that capture the beauty of our town throughout the year. If you’ve taken a recent photo around town, and are willing to give the Town permission to use it, we invite you to send us a copy. Photos may be used in print media (Town reports, brochures, visitor guides, and the like) as well as online media (our website, social media, and such). All photographers will be credited for their work whenever their images are used. This is your chance to have your work seen by thousands!

    A few notes on photo submissions:

    • Photos should be at least 3000 x 2250 px, to maintain sufficient quality when enlarging or cropping.
    • Acceptable image formats include JPEG, TIFF, and PNG.
    • Be aware that the Town may need to crop, resize, or recolor the photo depending on its usage.
    • Landscape photos of notable Colchester locations are preferable; any season is welcome!
    • Photos of people are welcome, but should feature Colchester in some way (such as at a town park or special local event). Please be sure to get the permission of anyone shown before submitting.
    • While recent photos are preferred, the Town reserves the right to use a photo for up to ten years from the date of submission.
    • Photos should not include dates, text, logos, or watermarks in the image.

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