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1. What is the Malletts Bay Sewer project?
2. What areas would be served by the sewer project?
3. Where would the wastewater be treated?
4. What is the purpose of the project?
5. How was human bacteria detected in Malletts Bay, and where is it coming from?
6. Wouldn’t it be easier just to replace all of the old and failing septic systems?
7. Is the Malletts Bay Sewer Project a new idea?
8. Why have sewers not been constructed if they have been in key planning documents for decades?
9. Why have voters not supported prior projects?
10. How will this project address prior concerns expressed by voters?
11. Will the construction of sewers in Malletts Bay increase the rate of growth and infill development in the Bay?
12. Are there other factors that will prevent more significant growth in the Bay area?
13. Current intersections along the roadways through the bay area are already being overloaded. Won’t even the minimal growth that may occur from the construction of sewers just make them worse?
14. Recently there have been several larger and taller houses built on the shoreline, blocking the view of the Lake. Will the availability of municipal sewer result in more of this type of development?
15. How will the construction of sewers affect the appraised value and tax bill for my property?
16. How much will the sewer project cost?
17. How will the project be paid for?
18. Will any property taxes be used to fund the project?
19. How will local option taxes be used?
20. What affect will this have on the Local Option Tax Fund?
21. Will the Town ever get the local option taxes back?
22. How much will the connection fee be for new development?
23. What will the annual cost to a single family home be within the proposed service area?
24. What will the annual cost to a non-residential property be within the proposed service area?
25. Will properties within the proposed service be required to connect to the sewer system?
26. If I live in the proposed sewer service area how will the project affect me as a property owner?
27. If I live outside of the proposed sewer service area how will the project affect me as a property owner?
28. What are the next steps for this project to move forward?
29. If approved by the voters in March of 2019, how long will it be before the project is completed?
30. How could I learn more about this project?