08/00  ca. 1815 log schoolhouse discovered inside local camp is saved by historical society and moved to town hall site

08/01  Local committee formed by CHS* to save and renovate the building

08/04  Select board approved the restoration and mission to use the building as an information center and museum located at Airport Park...project managers appointed to direct and oversee CHS commitments

02/05  Funding became available thru Federal, State and local grants as well as private donations for the design phase of the project

10/05  Architects brought on board to design the move and reconstruction

02/06  Operational plans and designs are  approved by VAOT**...Federal funding to move to the construction phase of the project became available

05/06  Constructed foundation at Airport Park

10/06  Moved schoolhouse 4 miles to new location and began restoration

05/07  Building opened to public as information center and  museum serving visitors and those using the bicycle path for alternative transportation and recreation


*Colchester Historical Society               

** Vermont Agency of Transportation


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The Museum is now open Friday through Monday from 11AM to 3PM.

 You may view a video of the Restoration Process now by clicking here and a TV news coverage video of students attending class by clicking here.


Restoration Photographs

General Views

Sill Repair
Building Interior Blue Prints
Excavation Move Preparation
The Move Roof Renovation
Rough Carpentry Carpentry
3 Coats of Plaster Exterior Siding
 Masonry Wainscoting
Teachers Platform Painting
Floor Restoration Museum Artifacts
Landscaping Bike Path



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