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Mosquito with EEE

On, Sept. 3, the town Health Officer was informed by the state that they found a mosquito infected with EEE (Eastern Equine Enchephalitis) in a pool in Colchester. The species found was Culiseta Melanura; though this species is still a concern for transmitting EEE (according to the Health Dept.), there is less risk than some other species because of their typical diet.

Here is a link to the Vermont Arbovirus Surveillance Weekly Report, and here is a link to the state's page on EEE.


Charter Changes - Public Hearings

The Selectboard has warned two public hearings on September 16 (6:30 p.m. at Town Meeting Hall) and September 23 (6:30 p.m. at Pomerleau Conference Room, St. Michael's College) for public input on charter changes relating to:

  • Appointed versus elected town clerk
  • Appointed versus elected cemetery officials and the transfer of responsibility and oversight for cemeteries to the Town staff
  • Elimination of irrelevant town positions such as Grand Juror, Fence Viewer, etc.
  • Minor changes such as capitalizations, and changes to references to Selectboard and Town Manager
  • Tax payment penalty revisions
  • Ordinance warnings
  • Town meeting time
  • Town Manager requirement for a bond and attendance at every meeting
  • Powers of the Town including sale of land, ordinance penalties, and corporate existence

The full text of the changes are available here (PDF format); these changes have been posted in their entirety on our website, in five public places, and they will appear in the Colchester Sun and are available in the Town Clerk's office and Burnham Library. Your comments regarding these proposed changes are welcome and may be directed to the Town Manager ( It is anticipated these charter amendments may be voted upon by Australian ballot at an upcoming special Town Meeting on November 4, 2014, subject to upcoming Selectboard action. For more information about the Town Manager's Office, please visit or call (802) 264-5509.



Firearms Task Force - Wednesday, September 17, at 6 pm

(Please note - the Task Force is meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 17. Our initial post had an incorrect date. We apologize for any inconvenience). The Colchester Selectboard has asked that the Firearms Task Force be reconvened to review public input to date and provide an opportunity for interested parties to offer additional suggestions. The goal is to address the concerns of those who wish to continue hunting in the more rural areas of Clay Point and Mill Pond Road, those who are concerned about damage to crops from deer and those who are concerned about residents' safety. In addition, some residents requested that target shooting also be allowed to continue. The goal is to reach a balanced and reasonable approach to these issues.

The Firearms Task Force will reconvene on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 6 pm in the Kirker Room at the Colchester Police Department on Blakely Road and all those who expressed interest in contributing to the discussion are invited to attend. We appreciate your interest in participating in this discussion.


Town of Colchester Videos

The Economic Development Department is working with CGI Communiciations to produce a series of five videos about the town. These 90-second videos cover a range of themes, and will be used to promote the town across a variety of venues. The videos are at no cost to the town, and are supported by local businesses that advertise within the videos. For more information on the project, please contact Kathi O'Reilly at



Schedule of Public Meetings

We have a new page that's a central point to list the regular schedule and locations for the town's board and committee meetings. You can see it here.

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