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January 2023 Update: 


February 21, 2023

Supplement 45 of the Colchester Development Regulations

The Colchester Planning Commission has warned a public hearing for Tuesday, February 21, 2023 for the purpose of considering amendments of the Colchester Development Regulations. Pursuant to Title 24 VSA, Chapter 117.  

The proposed amendments are as follows:

a. Update and clarify sections pertaining to water and wastewater infrastructure, as necessitated by warned changes to Chapter 8 of the Colchester Code of Ordinances [2.04E, 2.05J, 2.07E, 2.14, 2.15, 3.06B, 3.07B, 4.05E, 7.03C, 7.04E(3), 9.02B(1), 9.05A, 9.05G, 9.05H, 9.07C, 10.14, 11.01, 11.02, 11.03B, 11.04A, 11.05A and 12];

b. Reorganization of application requirements for Site Plan, Conditional Use, and Subdivision applications; add language regarding responsibility of adjoining landowner notifications [8.05D, 8.05G, 9.04D, 9.04E, and Appendix G];

c. Add language regarding required setbacks from public infrastructure [2.07, 2.19C, (2.15 and 11.02 also relate to this purpose but are already included in ‘a’ above)];

d. New definitions, including “Appurtenances,” “Degree of Encroachment” and “Footprint” [Article 12].

e. Add to Appendix B a figure illustrating “Degree of Encroachment.”

This is a summary of the proposed changes. Copies of the adopted and proposed regulations can be viewed at the Town Offices at 781 Blakely Road and the Burnham Memorial Library, 898 Main Street Colchester. They may also be reviewed online at To participate in the hearing, you may 1) attend in person or 2) send written comment to the Colchester Planning Commission via USPS at the address herein or via email to Cathyann LaRose,


Are you flood ready?

The Town of Colchester is located along the shores of Lake Champlain between the mouths of the Lamoille and Winooski Rivers.  With these assets, we must also be vigilant in protecting against flooding.  Please take a minute to learn what you can do to protect against and prepare for flooding.