Inflatable Water Park

Water Slide

Colchester Parks & Recreation is excited to introduce our newest addition to the Bayside waterfront: a giant inflatable slide and climbing structure!  Visit us at Bayside Beach to rent a life-vest and play on the inflatables!  Rules and regulations are listed below, please be sure to read them carefully.  A link to the waiver is also attached below, in case you'd like to read and sign it prior to visiting.

General Info

  • Operating hours:  11 am to 5 pm,  Monday – Sunday
  • All guests must purchase a life jacket for $5 per ½ hour
  • Height requirement:  48 inches
  • Groups will leave in 30 minutes increments.  Lifeguards will escort participants out to the structure and back.
  • Lifeguards will stay in the inflatable swim area while patrons are on the structure.
  • Lifeguards will go over the rules with each group before going out to the park.
  • The inflatable will close at 5 pm each day and be partially deflated with CLOSED signs attached.  Use of the inflatable after hours is dangerous and strictly prohibited.
  • NO REFUNDS will be granted for any circumstance (including but not limited to weather, physical ability, etc.) once a patron has paid for a rental and received a receipt from Bayside Paddle Sports.

Rules & Regulations:

1. All guests must wear Colchester Parks & Recreation life jackets – NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. No flips, diving, somersaults or jumping onto swimmers from water park structures.

3. No eating, drinking or smoking on or near the inflatable.

4. Guests must be at least 48” tall.

5.  Guests under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult

  • Guests ages 13 -15 must have an adult present at Bayside Beach

6.  Guests 16 -18 must have a completed waiver signed by parent or guardian

7.  Proper bathing attire only; no grommets or sharp objects of any kind.

8. Guests will stop activities when the lifeguard blows their whistle.

9. Ensure swimming area around “Jungle Jim” is clear before jumping.

10. No pushing, hitting, kicking, shoving or horseplay of any kind is permitted.

11. Weather conditions may require closure of the water park.

12. Obey lifeguards at all times.

13. No intoxicated guests.

14. No swimming or hiding under any of the water structures.

15. Guests must stay in designated swim areas

16. No more than 15 people on the water park at a time and we rotate every 30 minutes

17. Failure to follow rules or instructions will result in suspension of water park privileges.