Technical Assessment of Capacity

The technical component of the grant started in January 2009. It involves an extensive data gathering effort that includes the identification and mapping of all water resources as well as a capacity inventory of existing public and private storm water and wastewater systems.

Private Systems
For private systems, the vast majority of properties will be evaluated through the use of existing records and information available within the Town Offices. For a representative sample of properties in vulnerable areas, such as those near the lake or other water resources, a more detailed assessment will be performed through physical inspections of wastewater and storm water systems.

Specific Lots
Specific lots may also be selected for additional on-site testing of soil conditions, with the permission of the property owner. For on-site testing of soil conditions, representative lots will be identified to help more accurately assess on-site capacity within the surrounding area.

Extensive Water Quality Sampling
Extensive water quality sampling will also be performed within the Malletts Bay area using DNA ribotyping analysis to determine the sources of e-coli contamination. DNA ribotyping analysis assists in determining the likely culprits of ongoing water quality problems and the best approach to improving management of the community's water resources.