•    Cash

•    Check, personal or bank, or money order (Please make out to "Town of Colchester")

•    Credit/Debit card

Credit/Debit card

Credit/Debit card can be used at the Clerk’s counter or you may pay online.

Please have bill number or account number ready from the stormwater invoice.  

Credit Card Fees

There is a fee associated with use of credit/debit to pay.  It is 3.15% + .40 cents.  

Example:  bill of $52.00 is 3.15% x $52.00 = $1.64 plus .40 cents = $2.04 fee charged, so total credit charge is $54.04.

Stormwater Utility Information

​For information about how bills are calculated, what fees support, and the utility budget, please visit the Stormwater Utility Information page of our website.