2019 Town Plan

   2019 TP Col

The Town Plan is the long-term (20+ year) plan for the community that, while primarily focusing on land use, provides guidance for the community’s goals with respect to natural and cultural resources, parks and recreation, energy, transportation and other utilities, economic development and municipal services. The plan has been updated many times over the years, most recently in 2014.

We need your help to create a vision for the Town of Colchester for the next 20 years. How and where will we grow? What issues do we need to address? What will our community look and feel like in the future? Join us as we explore these questions and many more over the next year.

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To learn more about the Town Plan, click through the links on the left for full details. Also, check back on our page and sign up for Thoughts on Thursday for updates. We will often post surveys about the topics that are most important to you, so check back often! If you want to discuss Town Plan with others, share your responses on our Facebook or most importantly, come out to our meetings to have an impact on your community!

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