1. Housing

TP Topic - Housing

Housing needs are always changing. Longtime residents are interested in downsizing, adult children would like to return to Town after college, and many businesses are looking for local housing for their workforce at an attainable value.

The Town of Colchester has a special interest in housing and believes that a wide array of housing opportunities will be important to maintain the communities vibrancy, competitiveness, and culture for its residents.

Colchester's first Town Plan topic session was held on June 5 at 7:00 PM. The Town Plan Team conducted a survey that had been dispersed online via the Town Plan webpage, our Thoughts on Thursday email service, Facebook and Instagram. The survey was open for 10 days and we collected 84 responses in total. Click through the slides below and check out the Podcast and / or video from the meeting!

                                                                                          - Podcast

                                                                                          - Video