4. Education

TP Topic - Education

Education will continue to significantly influence through its contribution to the economy, the shaping of its students, and its impact on the quality of life within our community. In the 2014 Town Plan, we outlined our public school offerings and higher education options, as well as policies to further our goals.

As we move into 2019 and beyond, education will continue to be an important and defining characteristic of our town. The future of our education systems could change significantly in the next years. Do you feel our education system requires areas of improvement?

Colchester's 4th Town Plan topic session was held on July 24 at 7:00 PM. The Town Plan Team conducted a survey that had been dispersed online via the Town Plan webpage, our Thoughts on Thursday email service, Facebook and Instagram. The survey was open for 7 days and we collected 73 responses in total. Click through the slides below and check out the Podcast and / or video from the meeting!

                                                                     - Podcast

                                                                     - Video