5. Energy

TP Topic - Energy

The concepts of energy use and emissions are heating up in Vermont and nationwide. As the state seeks to push into expanded renewable energy territory, Colchester will be expected to follow suit. What should we do to facilitate this process, and how should our residents be expected to deal with these changes? Let us know your opinion by filling out the survey and coming to the meeting!

Colchester’s  5th Town Plan meeting was held on August 7th in the 3rd floor Outer Bay Conference room. The Town Plan Team conducted a survey that had been dispersed online via the Town Plan webpage, our Thoughts on Thursday email service, Facebook and Instagram. The survey was open for 7 days and we collected 53 responses in total. Click through the slides below and check out the Podcast and / or video from the meeting! 

                                                                    - Podcast

                                                                    - Video 

                                                                    - Regional Renewable Maps