Regional Renewable Site Maps


The maps in this section meet the Act 174 Mapping standards. These maps identify potential areas for development and siting of solar and wind generation which count for areas that are unsuitable for siting renewable energy generation because of the presence of state/local known and possible constraints. Maps showing preferred sites/existing renewable generation facilities, hydro and biomass generation are also included.

These maps will be used in conjunction with complementary policies in the 2019 Town Plan, taking into account more details such as character of the area and zoning. The map identifying constrained areas is a visual representation of the constraints listed above. These maps were supplied by the CCRPC and the Town of Colchester will use these only as a stepping stone for renewable energy in the future.

Note: “Prime” renewable energy shows locations where there are limited to no constraints on development at this time. “Base” renewable energy locations areas have a high potential, but possible constraints.

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