Shore Acres Project Page

Welcome to the project information page for the Shore Acres / Cedar Ridge Stormwater Improvement Project. This water quality improvement project is possible due to an approximately $300,000 grant from the Vermont Agency of Transportation. These improvements are the first to advance out of the Malletts Bay Scoping Study, a component of the Malletts Bay Initiative.

​This project is currently in the conceptual design phase. A Site Walk was held on Thursday, May 30, at 5:00PM with neighborhood residents and the next step will include the development of preliminary plans.  View slides from the April 2019 Public Information Meeting. 
Storm water pouring into a drain
There are five project areas for which the stormwater utility has funding to complete water quality improvements. The goal of the project is to remove phosphorus and other pollutants from stormwater before it reaches Lake Champlain via the Moorings Stream. Phosphorus is a naturally occurring element that is essential for plant growth, but in large quantities it can cause algal blooms and excessive growth of aquatic plants - this threatens the livelihood of fish and other wildlife species and the use of waters for recreation.

​The next step will involve the development of preliminary plans, which are currently underway should be complete by the summer of 2020 when they will be presented to the public for additional feedback. Final plans are expected to be developed in 2021, and construction is expected in 2022. Additional public meetings will be announced at those times.
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