Technical Rescue Team

Organized in 1989, CRS created a Rescue Dive Team in cooperation with the Police Department and Harbormaster. All CRS members on the Dive Team were required to be active members of rescue, certified at the ECA or EMT level. By 1991, we acquired a small surplus van to carry technical rescue equipment, as well as a small inflatable Zodiak motorboat.

Today the Technical Rescue Team (formally the Dive Team) is separate form the rescue squad.. The team is recognized throughout the state for its work in water and ice rescue emergencies, as well as other hazardous terrain rescues. In addition to providing better and faster emergency medical care, we have, by sharing our experiences throughout the district, helped prove the usefulness of much of this equipment and many of these programs in the field. 

With at least 24 scheduled training sessions a year, including a mandatory dive skills and rope skills assessment training, the Technical Rescue Team demands a high commitment from it's members.

Dive Team Requirements
  • As of July 1,2004, all members have to be dry suit certified.
  • AGA full face mask competency
  • Minimum requirement of advanced open water certifications with 50 logged dives
  • Dive Rescue 1 certification required for rescue dive
  • Other certifications include Rescue Diver, Ice Certification and Dive Rescue 2
Rope Requirements
  • High Angle (24 hours)
  • Low Angle Rescue (16 hours)
Other Team Requirements
  • Basic Boat Handling
  • Confined Space Operations Level
  • Structural Collapse Operations Level
  • Swift Water Rescue 1 and 2
  • Trench Rescue Operations Level

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