SWWP Permits Online

The Town of Colchester has delegation from the State of Vermont to receive and process State Wastewater and Water Permits (SWWPs).  At this time, all SWWPs must be downloaded, filled out, and submitted as an attachment online through our portal with the fee (see letter to designers).  We ask that this fee also be paid online.  Mailed payments will slow the process down as an application will not be considered complete until payment is received.

Here is the guide to registering for the portal.

Here is the guide to using the portal.

Permit portal link.

What State Exemptions does the Town recognize ?  See our ordinance. Note: the Town does not recognize "Clean Slate".

Need municipal sewer allocation (if in a served area)?  Click here.  Allocation can be purchased at $10/gallon if property is served by municipal sewer. FY22 wastewater fees include two charges - a capacity charge of $1.34697/gallon of assigned capacity (broken into 4 quarterly charges), and $0.00526 per gallon of wastewater generated also billed quarterly. Check to see if you are in a served area by using our webmap (note that the Route 15 area of Colchester is served by the Town of Essex and requests for allocation should be made of Essex).  

Applications and current fees:

Wastewater Boundary Line Exemption Form (PDF)For use when requesting an exemption from the State WW permitting requirements due to meeting boundary line adjustment criteria.
Wastewater State Permit Application (PDF)
Fees (PDF).
Municipal Sewer connection fee: Permitted allocation multiplied by the debt retirement rate.
Wastewater Local Permit Application (PDF)
 Fees (PDF)

Wastewater Maintenance and Inspection Report (PDF)Innovative/Alternative Maintenance and Inspection Report in fill-able PDF form for submission to the Town Wastewater Official.
Wastewater Overshadowing Certification Statements (Act 145 Compliance)Overshadowing Certification Statement - to be submitted with State Wastewater Permit Application that has landowners that will be affected by overshadowing. (Choose ANR Notification Form 4.) Please note: the Certified Mail Receipt to each affected landowner needs to be attached to the Certification Statement.

No-Overshadowing Certification - to be submitted with State Wastewater Permit Application that has no overshadowing issues. (Choose ANR Notification Form 5)