Vermont Reads 2020


VTReads 2020 Online Challenge

Here are some activities to do at home as you enrich your experience with this year’s read, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. You may have already read the book, even seen the movie. We encourage you to take another look at this beautiful work of intelligently crafted fiction—read it like historical fiction, and re-imagine your place in our society. Think about all of the things we can do together and apart to make our communities safer spaces for all.

The following activities are not exhaustive. Not all of them are wholly online (apologies) and some of the themes will likely make you uncomfortable. It’s okay to be uncomfortable when you’re out of your element—that’s where the real work takes place. It is not necessary to complete all of the activities to participate in the challenge. It is our hope that when we re-open we can continue the journey of reading and discovering each other in the library and that the fruitful and interesting conversations this text generates will enrich your life for the better.

Keep track of your progress with the Fillable Checklist or Printable Checklist and email your results to the library.

  • Read The Hate U Give eBook Audiobook
  • Read supporting titles (please be patient as we locate digital copies)
    • Adams, Blumenfeld, Castaneda, Hackman, Peters, & Zinga Reading for Diversity and Social Justice
    • Ahmed, Samira Internment                                         eBook Audiobook
    • Alvarez, Julia In the Time of the Butterflies            eBook
    • Anderson, Carol We Are Not Yet Equal  
    • Coates, Ta-Nehisi Between the World and Me eBook Audiobook
    • Daniels, Cora. Impolite Conversations      
    • Henson, S. F. Devils Within                                           eBook
    • Kendi, Ibrahim X. How to Be an Antiracist             eBook Audiobook
    • Kerascoët I Walk With Vanessa                
    • Khan, Hena Amina’s Voice                                          
    • Lewis, John. March: Book 1, 2, & 3                           eBook
    • Mckesson, DeRay On the Other Side of Freedom
    • Magoon, Kekla How It Went Down                          eBook
    • Magoon, Kekla Light It Up                                           
    • Markel, Michelle Brave Girl                                        
    • Reynolds, Jason All American Boys                           eBook Audiobook
    • Stone, Nic Dear Martin                                 eBook
    • Watson, Renee Piecing Me Together                      eBook
    • Woodson, Jacqueline     Harbor Me                        
    • Anderson, Carol               White Rage
    • Baraka, Amiri                     S.O.S.: Poems 1961-2013
    • Davis, Angela Y.                Freedom is a Constant Struggle
    • Saad, Layla F. Me and White Supremacy eBook
  • Watch the music videos for
  • Listen to Angie Thomas’s playlist on Spotify
  • Watch a film
  • Answer film discussion questions for one or more films Printable Version Fillable Version
  • Locate your local Black Lives Matter chapter
  • Complete the personal identity intersection worksheet
  • Read an article about white privilege as a ‘broke white person’
  • Watch TaNehisi Coates explain the proper usage of the n-word
  • Play ’Black Jeopardy’ online! use Kahoot alone or with friends
  • Listen to NPR podcast ‘Codeswitch’
  • Read Tupac’s poetry
  • Take the Project Implicit Assessment
  • Find a story and reflect on