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The Burnham Memorial Seed Library is a collaboration between the Library and the UVM Extension Master Gardener Program.  The Master Gardener Program's mission is to cultivate resilient and healthy communities and be the most trusted resource for horticulture education in Vermont.

Our mission is to promote food security through equal access to seeds for Vermont communities. The seed library is a free resource that operates on the honor system. One seed equals one plant so take only what you need! 

Patrons are encouraged to learn basic seed saving techniques. The Library will host seed saving and other gardening related programs throughout the year led by a local Master Gardener. Please fill out our survey about future gardening program by scanning the QR code below.

To participate:

  • Browse the boxes to find seeds you are interested in growing.
  • Either take a scoop of seeds from an open packet or the entire packet if you wish. Remember: one seed equals one plant!
  • Take a picture or make a photocopy of the growing and seed-saving instructions for your plants.
  • Bring your seeds home to plant! We have lots of books, brochures, and community members that can help answer your questions throughout the growing season.
  • Share with friends, family, neighbors who might benefit from this community resource. 

The websites listed below offer many resources to help answer any questions you may run into!

General Gardening Resources:

Gardening Planning and Tips (Seed Savers Exchange)
What Zone am I in? (USDA)

Master Gardener Helpline (UVM Extension)
Where to Test Soil (UVM Extension)
Local Gardening Resources (Vermont Garden Network)
Gardening Resources from the Master Gardeners (UVM Extension)
Tips for starting your garden (UVM Extension)

Seed Saving Resources:

Seed Saving For Beginners (Seed Savers Exchange) 

Seed Saving Information (Seed Savers Alliance) Seed Saving Chart (Seed Savers Alliance)

Food Assistance Programs:

Colchester Food Shelf3 Squares VT Food Assistance Sign UpHunger Free Vermont

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Let us know how the Seed Library can serve you! By clicking on the QR Code to the right, you'll be taken to the Seed Library Survey where you can share your feedback. We want to know what programs you would like to see this summer.

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