Essex Community Justice Center

Essex Community Justice CenterECJC

Colchester Police Department partners with Essex Community Justice Center (ECJC) to provide restorative justice to the community. Restorative justice is a way to help repair some of the damage caused by crime and conflict, and programming focuses on crime prevention, conflict resolution and meeting the needs of those affected by crime. Through this collaboration, ECJC provides an alternate route for cases other than prosecution though the criminal justice system.  

The ECJC programs include: Community Restorative Justice Panels to support victims and provide offenders with the opportunity to acknowledge their wrongdoing and to make amends to the community and individuals affected by the crime; a Conflict Assistance Program to assist with interpersonal conflict individuals may be facing; Community Dialogue and Crime Prevention educational programs to address and prevent local crime; a Safe Driving Program to teach participants about the human consequences of unsafe, impaired, and/or distracted driving; and Community Transition, Ongoing Support, Restorative Support, and Circle of Support and Accountability (COSA) programs to provide reentry services for offenders returning to their community in order to increase community safety and to support these citizens in being active and positive members of their community.

The ECJC is funded by a partnership between the Towns of Colchester and Essex and the VT Department of Corrections. Along with serving Colchester, the ECJC provides these services to Essex, Essex Junction, Westford, Underhill, Jericho, and Milton.

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