Ballot Items

There are two articles to be voted on by ballot this year: first is the Town’s general operating fund budget, and second is a vote to authorize the Malletts Bay Sewer Project which includes approval of bonding and use of the Local Options Tax.

• General Operating Fund Budget
• Malletts Bay Sewer Funding

You can read the Town Meeting Day Insert from the Colchester Sun here or the Official Ballot [available mid February]; both are PDF files.

Ballot Questions

Town Budget (Article 6)
“Shall the voters of the Town of Colchester approve total general fund expenditures of Thirteen Million One Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Four Hundred Nineteen Dollars ($13,129,419) of which Ten Million Six Hundred Eighty-Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Four Dollars ($10,689,804) shall be raised by taxes and Two Million Four Hundred Thirty-Nine Thousand Six Hundred Fifteen Dollars ($2,439,615) by non-tax revenues for the Fiscal Year July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020?”
Summary of the Proposed FY20 Budget
LCATV Town Budget Video  
Malletts Bay Sewer (Article 7)
“Shall general obligation bonds or notes of the Town of Colchester in an amount not to exceed $8,631,585 be issued to finance the construction of wastewater pollution abatement improvements in Malletts Bay, payable over a period of 30 years, and to dedicate to construction and payment of debt service of such bonds the sum of $9,650,000 of local option tax funds?”

The Malletts Bay Sewer Project is a $14.4 million project designed to remove human waste bacteria from Malletts Bay, preserve and protect the Bay for future generations, and to ensure the community’s future vision for the Bay. You can read all Project Research and Plans here.

For a good overview of the project you can read the Town Meeting Day Insert from the Colchester Sun here, or the project’s Frequently Asked Questions here. You can also read the Official Ballot (available mid February) which includes a detailed explanation of the language contained in the ballot.

The proposed sewer service area is West Lakeshore Drive from Prim Road to Bayside, East Lakeshore Drive, and Goodsell Point. You can view the Proposed Service Area here.
The project follows a four year $2 million water quality study funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency known as the Integrated Water Resources Management Plan study. (IWRMP) A team of scientists and engineers made key recommendations including the construction of sewers in Malletts Bay. You can read the entire IWRMP here.

The proposed funding includes state and federal grants, low interest loans, user fees and use of local option taxes. The local option taxes will be later paid back by user fees. You can read all Project Costs and Financial Information here, including projected rates and costs for both residential and commercial properties.

The project is part of the overall Malletts Bay Initiative. You can read the Malletts Bay Initiative Summary here. In addition to sewers, the Malletts Bay Initiative includes stormwater, intersection, and bike/pedestrian projects. All of these improvements will be located within the public roadways each at a different elevation. With the sewers being the deepest improvement, it is important to decide on the sewer project now to avoid the disturbance of other more shallow improvements. The Malletts Bay Initiative also includes many other water quality improvements. You can view Additional Water Quality Improvements here.

For more information, you can view our entire project website at or contact Director of Public Works, Bryan K. Osborne at