Colchester Planning Commission


The Planning Commission:

  • Oversees revisions to the Town Development Regulations
  • Undertakes planning studies for the long-term growth of Colchester
  • Updates the Town Plan
Upcoming Meetings:
Tuesday, August 16, 7 pm

Please visit the East Lakeshore Zoning tab to learn more about our current work. 

Meetings are held at the Town Offices Outer Bay Conference Room (3rd floor) at 781 Blakely Rd. and online via Zoom as needed (see agenda). 


  • Rich Paquette, Chair 
  • Sarita (Sarah) Austin
  • Vacant
  • Rebecca Arnold
  • Robert Scheck
  • Vacant (Youth Seat)
Further information on the Commission can be obtained by contacting the Department of Planning and Zoning.

Agendas & Minutes

Click here for Agendas and Minutes


The process for amending the Development Regulations is transparent and allows multiple opportunities for comment:

Planning Commission (PC) Review 

• The PC will often hold one or more public but informal meetings to discuss a topic

 • The PC must then warn and hold at least one public Hearing

• A report shall be prepared indicating how the proposal meets Section 4441(c) 

• The public hearing must be warned 15 days prior to the meeting and copies of the amendment sent certified to all abutting towns, the regional planning commission, and State dept of housing and community affairs

• The Commission then submits the amendment to the Selectboard

Select Board Review

• Not less than 15 days nor more than 120 days after a proposed amendment is submitted to the Selectboard, the Board shall hold a warned, public hearing

• The Selectboard may make changes to the proposed amendment but shall not do so less than 14 days prior to a second public hearing (therefore you can make changes after the first public hearing but not after the second public hearing without warning a new hearing)

• If any part of the proposal is changed, the Selectboard, at least 10 days prior to the second public hearing, the Board shall file a copy of the proposed change with the Town Clerk and with the Planning Commission. The PC can submit comments at or prior to the public hearing on the proposed changes.

• The amendment needs to be adopted by a majority of the members of the Selectboard and can be adopted at any time following the close of a public hearing

• The regulation is effective 21 days after adoption date and a signed copy shall be filed with the Town Clerk

Meeting Videos

View the meeting live at 7PM (generally) the first and third Tuesday of the month.
View web broadcasts of previously held meetings.