Cemetery Advisory Committee

Statement of Mission and Purpose of the Colchester Cemetery Advisory Committee

The Cemetery Advisory Committee shall advise the Staff and Selectboard on the proper operation of the Town's cemeteries, activities and properties. In general, it shall be the mission of the Colchester Cemetery Advisory Committee to serve in an advisory role with no fiduciary responsibilities, providing non-binding strategic advice to the Selectboard and Staff on the following:

Modifications: Modifications of the rules and regulations governing the Town owned cemeteries, including costs of interment and plots, and recommendations for expansion and landscaping.

Capital Improvements: Recommendations for which capital improvements should be made to the cemeteries and their relative priority.

Future Demands and Long Term Planning: How to respond to future demands for cemetery services.

Reviews and Reports: The Committee members shall meet with the Selectboard twice a year (spring and fall) to review the Committee's activities. Annually (in August) the Cemetery Advisory Committee shall create and submit to the Selectboard a written annual report for the preceding 12 months (July 1-June 30) of the general activities, operation, and condition of the cemeteries to include number of plots sold, interments, etc.

The Colchester Cemetery Advisory Committee shall consist of three to seven members who shall serve without compensation. Members shall be chosen by the Slectboard from among the citizens of Colchester and, insofar as possible, represent diverse interests. The Town Manager or his/her designee shall serve as an ex officio, non-voting member of the Committee.

Terms of Service
Colchester Cemetery Advisory Committee members will fill the following terms of service, to begin on March 1st and end on February 28th in staggered years:
  • Up to two members will serve a one year term
  • Two members will serve two-year terms
  • Three members will serve three-year terms.

Cemetery Operations
The day-to-day administration and operation of the cemetery shall be under the direction and control of the Town, through the Town Manager or his/her designee. In the event there is disagreement with the majority of the Committee’s recommendations, final decisions pertaining to rules and regulations, landscaping, fees, capital improvements, and acquisition of property will rest with the Town Manager or his/her designee, in consultation with the Selectboard. Where there is no disagreement, the Town Manager or his/her designee shall have the authority to implement the recommendations of the Committee as funding is available.

To learn more about the Cemetery Advisory Committee visit OnBoard.

Contact Us:

For further information regarding the Town cemeteries and/or how to purchase a plot, email or call Wanda Morin in the Town Clerks Office at 264-5522.