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Aug 25

Adventure Day 1 - It's a Boar! (Aug. 12)

Posted on August 25, 2015 at 3:06 PM by Josh Muse

After getting a character built, our two intrepid heroes are ready to go. Morlo (sp?) is a Tiefling Sorcerer, and Midnight is a Dragonborn Rogue. Tieflings are humans who have been cursed with horns and a tail, while Dragonborn look like burly humanoid dragons; Sorcerers have the inborn ability to do magic, while Rogues are sneaky, and sometimes larcenous.

The two come to the small town of Villageton, after hearing rumors of a local lord paying good money to adventurers for a project. After a brief (and only slightly adversarial) conversation with a town guard, the two head to an inn with a sign that reads "Miss Brittany's Fine Dining." Once there, they quickly see a group clustered around a well-dressed and gregarious gnome. They force their way into the circle, and enthusiastically greet the gnome, who is named Stinglehorn.

Singlehorn explains that his employer, Lord Bardvark, is recruiting adventurers in order to clear his family's historic lands of bandits, vermin, and the like. Morlo and Midnight negotiate a fair (if somewhat vague) payment, and head off to their first assignment - cleaning out a simple guard house on the edge of the Bardvark lands.

While traveling through the wilds, the pair notice a menacing noise in the tall grass, which turns out to be a fairly angry wild boar. After a brief standoff, they manage to part ways without incident.

A bit later, they arrive at the stone guard house in question, which seems to be abandoned. With some effort, they manage to force open the rough wooden door; in the process, Morlo slips, and Midnight is suddenly set upon by a six foot long centipede. Midnight fights that centipede off with his spear, while Morlo blasts a second with magic; one scuttles away, and the the pair enter into the guardhouse.