Colchester, VT


Where can I get my car seat fitted?

Contact Colchester Police (802-264-5555), Or Colchester Rescue (802-264-5590) to schedule an appointment for car seat fitting.

Colchester Rescue

Who can remove a wild animal from my property?

Please contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal Damage Control at 802-223-8690 or see a directory for an animal pest control business. 

Is the water safe at the beach?

Water quality is tested regularly. Call the Parks & Recreation Department at 802-264-5640 for updated information. If the beaches are closed due to an issue with water quality an alert will be posted on the main page of this website. 

Water Quality Test Results

Can we have a campfire at our house?

Yes, if it is not greater than 30 inches in diameter you do not need a permit. For a larger burn, please contact the Colchester Police Department at 802-264-5556. You can read Section 7-14 of the Code of Ordinances at the link below.

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Where can we get Great Escape or Six Flags tickets?

Discounted Great Escape and Six Flags New England tickets can be purchased through the Parks & Recreation Department by cash or check only. Credit cards are NOT accepted. For more information, visit the Parks and Recreation webpage or call 802-264-5640. Purchase in person at the Town Offices; go to the Parks and Recreation window on the 2nd floor. 

visit their webpage

Where is the Colchester post office, and what is the phone number?

The U.S. Post Office is located at 218 Malletts Bay Avenue; call 802-655-1376.

How do I register my dog?

Dog registration is completed through the Town Clerk's office. There is additional information on animal licenses in the Town Clerk section of the website.

Animal Licensing

How and when can I register to vote?

You can register to vote online at the Vermont Secretary of State's website: You may register anytime, including on the day of an election at your polling place . You may also register at the Department of Motor Vehicles when you obtain or renew your Vermont driver's license or at Town Clerk's Office during regular business hours. 


Who should I contact about my water service or water bill?

Water supply services in the Town of Colchester are provided by five distinct entities for water that are all separate from the Town. Each water district operates under different governmental structures, boards, and bylaws. You can find contact information and other details about the individual districts here -

Does the Town pick up trash and recycling?

Colchester does not provide trash and recycling pick up. Residents and businesses can contract for private pick up or bring to Myers Recycling Center on Rathe Road in Colchester. Another option is the Solid Waste Districts numerous locations.

Chittenden Solid Waste District

When are taxes due?

Taxes are due in three installments:August 15th, November 15th, and March 15th. If the 15th falls on a weekend they are due on the following Monday.

Property Taxes

Is there a leash law?

Animals are required to be "under the control" of the owner (or a member of his/her immediate family or other agent) anywhere besides the owner's property; the exception is a recreation/bike path, which specifically requires a leash of up to 6 feet. In this context, "under the control" of the owner implies that the person exhibits control of the animal by command, and that the animal is prevented from "causing injury, damage, disturbance or annoyance to others." For information about pets in Colchester Parks or on Colchester recreation paths see Chapter 9 of the Town Ordiances, at: 9-52  and scroll to Section 9-52. 

Leash Law / Animal Ordinances

Who do I call about a dead animal in the road?

Call the Colchester Police Department on the non-emergency line 802-264-5556, for animals located in the road or public right of way.

What are the Town Office hours of business?

Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM.