Town Reports

The Town of Colchester publishes its Town Report annually. The reports contain Town Department highlights for the past fiscal year, July 1 - June 30 (for example, the Town Report published in 2017 covers FY July 2015 - June 2016)

Reports include the Annual Meeting Minutes from the previous year's meeting (ie. the 2015-16 Town Report contains the Minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting); the Warning for the Town Meeting and ballot items up for vote for the current year (2015-16 Report has ballot information for the March 2017 Town Meeting). The budget information in the Report and for vote is for the upcoming fiscal year (ie. the 2015-16 Report contains the proposed budget for FY 2017-18). 

Town Reports can be a pretty dry read, but over the past couple of years we've streamlined our Report for quick reading! Photos, bulleted highlights, and charts and graphs make the information easier to skim. Detailed budget information is included, but you can glean the important points without reading a lot of detailed figures unless you like to do that sort of thing. The Town Report has a lot of useful and handy Town information, such as a Town Department Directory, a list of Civic Organizations with contact information, a list of important dates (when are taxes due? dog licenses?) and the days that the Town Offices are closed.  

 Hard copies are available at the Town Offices at 781 Blakely Road and Burnham Library and can be picked up at the Annual Town Meeting in March.

All documents are in PDF format. 

The 2018-19 Annual Town Report  is now available.
You can find past Colchester Town Reports here.