Property Taxes


10/09/19 Notice of Tax Sale
The Town Clerk's Office will be holding a tax sale on November 1st, 

There is a new property tax bill format coming in July 2019.  It is a statutory change that will only affect how the bill will look, (see example). For more property tax information, please go to this link which will bring you to the VT Dept. of Taxes.  (06/15/2019)

Tax Rates Fiscal Year 2019/2020 starting July 1st.

Rate Type
Residential Non-Residential
School Education
1.5486 1.7426
Municipal 0.5429 0.5429
Total Tax Rate
2.0915 2.2855

Homestead Declarations Information (click here)

Homestead Data for 2018 is a database that gives needed information to tax filers preparing Homestead Declaration(HS-122) and Household Income(HI-144) forms. Warning: Please be aware that this not the entire Grand List nor full assessment value, just those parcels and information that is needed to file Homestead Declarations and Property Tax Adjustments. 


 (new data starts February 2019)
Please see link SPAN Index to check for homestead declaration dates and SPAN numbers for Colchester properties.

Due Dates (for the new tax year, starting July 1)

For 2019/2020 Tax Year:
  • August 15
  • November 15
  • March 16

Tax Facts

  • Tax billing cycle runs July 1st through June 30th of each year.
  • Tax Bills are sent to owner of record around July 15th of each year.
  • Postdated payments of property taxes are not accepted.
  • The tax bills have 3 payment stubs on bottom to be used for each of the 3 installment due dates. 
  • New owners after July 1st need to request a copy of their tax bill from us if not received through the closing (sale/purchase) process.
  • Delinquent balance charges include interest of 1% monthly for the first 90 days on balances left unpaid after each due date.  Interest of 1.5% will be charged monthly after the 90 days until paid in full. 
  • The penalty schedule is as follows, one time,  5% charge for first 30 days and, one time, 3% charge for balances remaining due after the 30 days.  This is charged on tax balances not paid after each due date on tax bills.

Homestead Declaration (HS-122) & Property Tax Adjustment Claim (Hi144)

  • If you own and occupy your home as of April 1st of current year, you are required to file these forms.
  • The Homestead Declaration filing will give you the lower, residential tax rate as well as a tax credit adjustment, if eligible and filed in conjunction with Hi144 form.
  • The filing can also be completed online at the Vermont Department of Taxes online resource.
  • Filing deadline corresponds with the state income tax filing deadline in April of each year.