September 6th Septic Tour

On September 6th the Planning Commission hosted a tour of community wastewater systems visiting the following sites:

  • Charlotte  - Thompsons Point System
  • Sugarbush Resort - Lincoln Peak System
  • Warren - Brooks Field System
  • Waitsfield  - Winter Park System

On the tour were staff, consultants, Selectboard members, Planning Commissioners, a camera person from LCATV, and members of the public:

  • Planning Commissioners: Rebecca Arnold, Sarita Austin, Bob Scheck, and Prinsha Neupane
  • Selectboard: Jackie Murphy and Pam Loranger
  • Town of Colchester Staff: Geoffery Urbanik, Sarah Hadd, Sean Cannon, and Denise Johnson-Terk
  • Consultants: Amy Marcrellis and Peter Lazorchak of Stone Environmental
  • LCATV: Michael Wright
  • Colchester Community: Marilyn Sowles, Clorinda Leddy, Jim Leddy, and Jack Scully

Here is a video of the tour.