Is there a leash law?

Dogs in Colchester cannot be “Running at large,” and must be: On a leash; On the owner's premises; On the premises of another person with that person's permission; or Clearly under the verbal or non-verbal control of the owner as more fully described in the animal ordinances below. 

On recreation paths and sidewalks, all dogs must be leashed on a maximum six-foot leash.  Pets in parks must be on a physical leash, or under the immediate personal supervision and control of the owner.  “Under the immediate supervision and control of the owner” means that the pet will stop and come to the owner upon command and that the pet is at all times prevented from causing injury, damage, disturbance or annoyance to park property or other park users.

For information about pets in Colchester Parks or on Colchester recreation paths see Chapter 9 of the Town Ordinances, at: and scroll to Section 9-52.

Leash Law / Animal Ordinances

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